Landry Print Co.


Hi, We're Jude & Alisha Landry,

the married duo behind Landry Print Co. We live and work out of our home studio in Denton, Texas, where each piece is designed and printed by hand in our garage - in between requests for snacks by our 3 kids... What started as a side hustle (formerly Jude Landry Print Co.) steadily grew into a legitimate small business and was renamed to reflect the vision and reality of our work - family owned and operated. Maybe one day our kids will be slinging prints while their own children demand food. But for now, it’s just the two of us designing and printing comfy tees, custom prints and who knows what else. 


Here at Landry Print Co., we're mixing business with pleasure... and ink.


Jude is our graphic designer and screen printer. He also built this from the ground up, so he can basically do it all. From concept, to design, to print - Jude is our rock star. But you’d never know it from his laid-back personality. He’s our big-idea-guy and we love waiting to see what he’ll come up with next.


Alisha handles the more day-to-day operations like social media, wholesale accounts, inventory & shipping. Dabbling in her own creative outlets, (does rescuing curbside furniture count?) she adds a critical eye to Jude’s work. She’s also birthed three babies, so… makers gonna make.


Joan is our Concept Artist. Forever tinkering with things found around the house, she gets inspired by the idea of what could be and serves as a great sounding board for new design ideas. Her hobbies include reading, taking Harry Potter quizzes and tidying up her half of the room. She recently designed a hot air balloon tshirt that has unfortunately been archived, but stay tuned because you may see more from her and her siblings.


Charlotte is our Sales Booth Assistant and Content Writer. With three first place medals in Creative Writing under her belt, she adds a bit of drama to our copy. If you’ve ever seen her flash a smile at an art market, you probably didn’t leave without buying something. She enjoys playing piano, singing, writing and anything else that will get that middle child attention.


Simon is over Quality Control, mostly because he causes us to lose count and begin again. He is also Assistant to the Regional Manager because he is a natural leader and seems to be working towards running this entire enterprise. He loves staring at Garfield comic books and repeating his cute jokes over and over again, just to make sure you heard it correctly. See? Quality Control.


Thank you for taking some time to get to know us!